Camera & Vision Development Team

What we do

NewPACKET’s Camera and Vison development team uses its years of expertise to support its customer’s camera and imaging development needs. NewPACKET’s customers range from start-ups to small, medium, and fortune 500 corporations. With years of experience in customized camera and imaging systems, NewPACKET is an ideal partner for engineering, R&D, prototyping and pilot production. Our extensive experience in hardware and software product development enables us to provide cost-effective, camera development in a timely and seamless manner. Our deep domain experience with image sensors, SoC's, and FPGA's, allows us to help deliver the right solution for your product needs. From design thru post production, NewPACKET's camera and Vision team can accelerate the adoption of new technologies within your imaging product portfolio.

Architectural & Requirements analysis

NewPACKET’s design process ideally starts during the requirement analysis cycle of product design. We help our customers develop their imaging products on the right footing by expanding the requirements analysis to architectural design. With a through understanding of the imaging requirements and topographies, we focus on the derived functionality, usability and performance constraints. We specialize in working with disparate technologies and integrating them into a solid, cohesive product. Our Camera designs typically comprise of image sensors, digital logic design, embedded software, as well as front end analog design. FPGAs, ASICs, or semi-custom logic solutions are just some of the tools we use to provide the most compact and optimized designs right from the start. Coupled with our embedded design experience, we help you get complex imaging products into the market, at breakneck pace.

Detailed Implementation

Imaging systems are inherently complex and require a spectrum of engineering disciplines. NewPACKET's experience with diverse imaging technologies helps acclerate your product delivery by delivering a state-of-the-art total solution. Our experienced technical team becomes a go-to resource for your team within the detailed design phases of development. Detailed design of camera and vision systems requires deep knowledge of micro-architectural and video pipeline features. NewPACKET is experienced in most video technologies, including:

  • Camera Software and Firmware Development
  • Camera bench testing methodology
  • Imager interfacing
  • Hardware-accelerated computer vision and image/video processing
  • Auto Focus, megapixel CMOS image sensor bringup
  • Design, define and specify computer vision and image/video processing IP
  • White balance, exposure, focus, black level estimation & noise filtering
  • color correction and color space conversion)
  • Lightfield and darkfield techniques
  • Sensor-fusion algorithms
  • Machine vision and image processing algorithms
  • Interpolation and decimation scaling
  • Chroma resampler, Color Space Converter and Gamma Correction algorithms
  • 2D Median, FIR & IIR Filters
  • Data Acquisition design (GigaHertz [GHz] ADCs & DACs)
  • High Speed Channel Communications (Reed-Solomon, Verterbi, OFDM & QAM)
  • Camera, and image processing system development
  • Video design (NTSC, PAL, FLIR, Radar, LiVAR, Laser Tracking)

Post Product Support

NewPACKET strives to provide the total cycle of value creation, from requirements based system design, detailed implementation and verification, to post product support. NewPACKET frees your team to continue their focus on core new technologies, by alleviating the need for sustained engineering and support on old products. Our multi-disciplinary team is perfect for covering the product sustaining cycle.

What we like

We love to work on leading edge products, with complex disparate technology issues.

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