Embedded-SoC-OS Team

What we do

NewPACKET’s Embedded-SoC-OS team uses its broad range of expertise to support our customer’s embedded software needs from design thru post product support. With a strong co-design architectural expertise, we help you get started on the right footing. Our continued participation in the product development cycles, helps steer the technology maze in a focused and streamlined manner. Additionally, the Embedded-SoC-OS team continues to support your product line throughout the production phase of your product cycle.

Architectural & Requirements analysis

Increasingly embedded products are getting more complex, and require a tightly-coupled hardware and software effort. Our core strength is that we specialize in cross-development systems. Our team approaches embedded systems with a hardware-software-co-design approach. The greatest dividends can be achieved by taking this approach from the initial requirements analysis and architectural phases to the product design and product support phases.

Detailed Implementation

We don’t just talk about technology – we make it happen. Our experienced technical team becomes a go-to resource for you within the detailed design phases of your product. Whether you need point-product development, or a complete turnkey solution, we are there for you. Detailed design of complex SoC and other embedded products require deep knowledge of micro-architectural features of the components involved. These often utilizing high performance computing platforms and operating systems such as Linux, or embedded Real Time Operating Systems. We navigate the detailed design complexities, so you don’t have to.

Post Product Support

From design verification, to post product support, we help you complete the product cycle. NewPACKET further frees your team to continue their focus on core new technologies, by alleviating the need for sustained engineering and support on old products. From major customers asking for one-off special product versions to providing comprehensive sustained product line support, NewPACKET’s technical team is your asset. Our post product support includes services such as, maintenance of the codebase of older versions, bug fixes, custom features and functional enhancements. Our multi-disciplinary team is perfect for covering the product sustaining cycle.

What we like

We love to work on leading edge products, with complex disparate technology issues.

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