Hardware Development Team

What we do

NewPACKET’s Hardware Development team uses its broad range of expertise to support our customer’s hardware development needs from design thru post product support. NewPACKET’s customers range from start-ups to small, medium, and fortune 500 corporations. NewPACKET provides engineering, R&D, prototyping and pilot production services. Our extensive experience in hardware product development enables us to provide cost-effective, product development in a timely and seamless manner. From architectural and requirements analysis to pilot production, our continued participation in the product development cycles helps our customers steer the technology maze in a focused and streamlined manner.

Architectural & Requirements analysis

NewPACKET’s design process typically starts during the requirement analysis cycle of product design. We help our customers develop the product on the right footing by expanding the requirements analysis directly to the architectural design. Our focus is to derive functionality, usability, performance, and supportability from the earliest stages of the design cycle. We specialize in working with disparate technologies and integrating them into a solid, cohesive product. Our Hardware designs typically comprise of digital, as well as analog systems. FPGAs, ASICs, or semi-custom logic solutions are just some of the tools we use to provide the optimal designs right from the start. Coupled with our embedded design experience, we help you get complex hardware and software products into the market, at breakneck pace.

Detailed Implementation

In an increasingly complex marketplace our spectrum of engineering experience helps accelerate your product delivery. Our experienced technical team becomes a go-to resource for you within the detailed design phases of your product. Detailed design of complex hardware and embedded products requires deep knowledge of micro-architectural features of the components involved. NewPACKET is experienced in the most hardware technologies, including:

  • System and Architectural Design
  • Key Component Selection and feasibility analysis
  • Detailed Board Design (Schematic Capture, Simulation & Layout)
  • Turnkey PCB development
  • Digital and Analog system Design
  • FPGAs, ASICs & SoC Digital logic design (Altera, Xilinx, Lattice, Microsemi)
  • RTL coding and documentation (Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL)
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Development (ARM, Intel, TI, Motorola)
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSPs)
  • Memory Subsystem design & Timing Closure (DRAM, DDR & Flash)
  • System verification using C++ / VERA / SystemC / System Verilog
  • Peripheral and Storage Bus Design (I2C, SPI, USB, CAN, PCI & SCSI)
  • Analog Circuit Design and Simulation (SPICE)
  • MATLAB, Simulink & Mathematical Modeling
  • Active / Passive Analog Filters and Digital Filters (IIR & FIR)
  • Sensors and Instrumentation Development
  • Image sensor interfacing and processing (PMTs, PhotoDiodes & CCDs)
  • Data Acquisition design (GigaHertz [GHz] ADCs & DACs)
  • Data Communications (Reed-Solomon, Verterbi, OFDM & QAM)
  • Camera, and image processing system development
  • Video design (NTSC, PAL, FLIR, Radar, LiVAR, Laser Tracking)

Post Product Support

NewPACKET strives to provide the total cycle of value creation, from requirements based system design, detailed implementation and verification, to post product support. NewPACKET frees your team to continue their focus on core new technologies, by alleviating the need for sustained engineering and support on old products. Our multi-disciplinary team is perfect for covering the product sustaining cycle.

What we like

We love to work on leading edge products, with complex disparate technology issues.

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